The Randolph Fire Department, in conjunction with the Randolph Department of Elder Affairs, began a S.A.F.E. program for senior citizens.  Senior Awareness of Fire Education allowed town residents, who signed up and qualified through the Randolph Senior Center to have a home fire and safety inspection by one of the designated members of the Randolph Fire Department.  In many cases smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors where either out of date or installed in an incorrect location.  In these cases we installed brand new detectors in the proper location free of charge.  If the detectors had no issues we replaced the batteries free of charge.  The Randolph Fire Department was awarded a Massachusetts grant of $3,200 in 2014 which allowed us to purchase, inspect, and install these detectors.  We have been awarded another grant and look forward to working with the seniors as we run this program in the future.

Senior S.A.F.E.