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2015 Annual Report

The Office of Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement is comprised of two members; Captain Paul C. Frew and Lieutenant Joseph R. Messia.  Captain Frew is currently in his eighteenth year of service and Lieutenant Messia is currently in his twelfth year of service.

This year started off with some complications as the Commonwealth adopted a national standard, NFPA 1, as our new fire code 527 CMR 1.00.  This transition took many hours, classes, and meetings to regain our bearings.  Now that we have been utilizing and referencing our new code for a full year we are noticing this code is more in depth and allows for a greater ability to keep the public safe.

We continue to attend meetings at both local and state levels.  The amount of knowledge we obtain and share with our peers allows us to make proper recommendations and enforcement decisions.

This year Chief Donovan implemented our Pathways program.  This is a college credit course offered at Randolph High School during the last two periods every day for students who are interested in a career path in public safety and/or the healthcare industry.  Classes are taught by Nastassia Swanson from Massasoit Community College, Detective Kristen Emberley of Randolph Police, and Lieutenant Joe Messia of Randolph Fire.

Along with Pathways and Captain Frew overseeing training we have stayed busy throughout the community.  We are frequently asked to make appearances for fire safety demonstrations, extinguisher training, and fire drills.  We have worked with our SAFE (Student Awareness of Fire Education) educators to educate students and our Senior SAFE officer to assist senior citizens residing in town.  We participated in many community events including the Night Before the Fourth, Back to School Jamboree, Town Health Fair, Harvest Hoopla, and Winterfest.

The following is the 2015 report of the actions and duties performed by the Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement Officers:

Conducted a total of 428 inspections.
Conducted quarterly inspections of Care One at Randolph and the Seth Mann Home.
Conducted inspections of the Comfort Inn and Showcase Cinema.
Conducted quarterly fire drills of all educational facilities.
Inspected 48 commercial cooking hoods and conducted an additional 26 restaurant inspections for liquor license renewal.
Inspected 20 commercial properties in which we checked for proper fire protection and the safety of employees.  This also included inspection of all new commercial properties and commercial properties that changed occupancy type.
Inspected apartment complexes with 6 or more units.  These inspections covered 20 complexes which included 92 buildings.

There were 433 residential smoke detector inspections conducted by the Deputy Fire Chiefs.  Of those inspections, 26 were either larger than three family or new construction conducted by the Office of Fire Prevention.

Conducted safety inspections of 3 fuel transportation vehicles registered within the town.
Conducted inspections, per Randolph Town Council, of all facilities requesting business licenses, license transfers, manager changes, and one-day liquor licenses.
Conducted inspections of abandoned properties and posted an “X” on any unsafe buildings or structures.
The following permits were issued and inspected: 40 oil burner installations, 45 oil tank removals, 35 oil tank installations/storage, 26 fire alarm installations/modifications, 12 sprinkler installations/modifications, 28 propane installations/storage, 3 welding, 2 extinguishment systems, 27 DPH & DOE mandated inspections, 52 burning permits, and 31 fire drills.

There were 2 citations with $600 in fines filed through MGL (Massachusetts General Law) chapter 148A.
On Saturday October 17, the office hosted the Randolph Fire Department’s annual open house, sponsored by Papa Gino’s.  Pizza and drinks were provided and attendees were able to tour the fire station and fire apparatus, examine and use equipment, view demonstrations, ask questions, and receive fire safety handouts and paraphernalia.

Every year we do our very best to work with the public including business and building owners, business managers, property managers, maintenance personnel, and homeowners.  We follow the state’s fire code to ensure safety for all residents, employees, visitors, as well as members of public safety.  Life safety is the number one reason that we take our job so seriously. 

We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to a safe 2016.

Respectfully Submitted,

Fire Captain - Paul C. Frew
Fire Lieutenant - Joseph R. Messia

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