Randolph High School

First Responder Program

The Randolph Fire Department in conjunction with the Randolph Police Department and the Randolph High School began a program for high school juniors and seniors who are interested in public safety and/or the health care industry.  The course was designed to allow the students to learn and gain hands on experience in these fields.

The program is a full school year program and we meet daily from 12:19p - 2:03p.  This course consists of three different learning experiences firefighting, police, and EMS.  During the firefighting days the students are introduced to the science behind fire and its behavior, historical fires, firefighter gear and SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus {air tank}), communications, engine company operations, vehicle extrication (with the jaws-of-life), ladder company operations, hydrant operations, portable fire extinguishers, search and rescue, an obstacle course, and finally the entire process of becoming a firefighter is explained.  During the police days the students are taught about motor vehicle laws, Miranda rights, constitutional laws, hate crime, firearm laws, abuse (e.g. domestic, elder, child), etc.  During the EMS days the students are taught first aid (bleeding control, epi-pens, fracture and sprain management, etc.), C.P.R., proper protective equipment, incident command system, poisoning and overdose, psychological emergencies, suicide prevention, stress management, etc.  EMS company representatives are brought in to speak about  career opportunities in the field of EMS. 

This entire course, regardless of the students' career path, provides valuable lessons that they will take with them and someday use the techniques if and when they are encountered with an emergency.


If you would like more information in regards to the course please contact the Randolph Fire Department, Capt. Joe Messia.