There are many communities which host fireworks displays.  Randolph will host its annual "Night Before the Fourth" celebration with a parade down North Main Street followed by a professional fireworks display.

In the past decade (2009-2018) there have been 800 major fire and explosion incidents involving illegal fireworks reported to theMassachusetts Fire Incident Reporting System (MFIRS). They 12 civilian injuries, 39 fire service injuries, and an estimated dollar loss of $2.5 million, which is high considering most fireworks fires are outdoor brush fires. 

Also, in the past decade (2009-2018), 38 people have been treated at Massachusetts emergency rooms for severe burn injuries from fireworks – burns covering 5% of more of the body according to the Massachusetts Burn Injury Reporting System (M-BIRS). Nearly half (55%) of the victims were children and youths under 25 and are scarred for life.

Although fireworks can be fun and entertaining please remember they are extremely dangerous and ILLEGAL to purchase, possess, sell, and explode in the state of  Massachusetts.  Only professional fireworks displays supervised by local fire departments are permitted.  Possession of fireworks will result in a fine and seizure of all explosives.

Fireworks Safety