Cell Phones for Soldiers

Randolph Fire Department is a designated Cell Phones For Soldiers drop off site.

***As of August 2022 we have collected and sent in 7,700 cell phones, chargers and other accessories.   This has generated over 22,500 minutes in pre-paid calling cards.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated and we ask for your continued support.   We are going to continue with this very worthwhile cause and are still accepting donations at the Central Fire Station 10 Memorial Pkwy or at our Station 2 in North Randolph at 952 N. Main Street.    

Randolph Firefighters Local 1268 is proud to announce we have joined the non-profit group Cell Phones For Soldiers in becoming a drop off site for their organization.  Cell Phones For Soldiers was started in 2004 by 13 Yr old Brittany and 12 Yr Old Robbie Bergquist of Norwell Mass in response to a $7600 phone bill run up by a local soldier calling his family from overseas. The phone bill was eventually forgiven but Brittany and Robbie's fundraising efforts led them to collecting and recycling old and unused cell phones, purchasing prepaid calling cards and shipping them overseas for use by military personnel.  In two years time Cell Phones for Soldiers have raised 1 Million dollars to purchase over 75,000 calling cards.      

Randolph Fire Fighters Local 1268 will accept any make or model cell phone, cell phone battery, pager, blackberry,  charger and accessories in any condition at Central Fire Station 10 Memorial Pkwy or our Station 2 at 952 N. Main St.  365 days a year.  We are now also accepting any empty ink jet printer cartridges, used iPods and MP3 players.   We would encourage any business, civic organization, youth group, school or citizen to help participate in such a worthwhile cause especially with the holidays upon us.

Cell Phones for Soldiers has maintained drop off centers nationwide and has been reported on by media outlets such as Fox News, MSNBC, the Patriot Ledger and the Boston Globe.  The Bergquist Family has been featured in Good Housekeeping and Teen Magazine. They have also been endorsed by the American Legion, the Boston Red Sox, the Houston Astros, former Pro Quarterback Jim Kelly, Walmart, Enterprise Rent a Car, Mass Registry of Motor Vehicles and Country music star Maggie Austin.  More information can be found at their website www.CellphonesForSoldiers.com or contact Lieutenant Patrick Connors at 781-961-0991.

Thank you,
Randolph Firefighters Local 1268