Fire Training

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The Randolph Fire Department prides itself on being able to respond to any type of emergency when the need arises.  During these responses, we strive to perform as a well-trained and professional organization to mitigate any situation that we may be faced with.   In order to do this we must participate in several types of training on a regular basis.  Training may consist of reviewing new topics, annual refresher training, in-service training, and occupancy review inspections, just to mention a few. 

Primarily all of our training takes place while members are on duty and must be ready to respond. Therefore we have recently taken a closer look at our training program to see what we can improve upon.  Over the past year we have been developing a program that has been broken into modules.  These modules can be delivered at both the group and company level, in both a classroom and a practical setting.  We have found that these modules afford shift officers the ability to practice skills on a regular basis covering some of the skills listed below in addition to dealing with day to day operations of the department:

-         Apparatus review and equipment operation

-         Ground and aerial ladder training

-         Pump and hose evolutions

-         Search and rescue training

-         Self-contained breathing apparatus training

-         Vehicle extrication

-         Rapid intervention(rescuing firefighters) and self rescue skills

-         Ice and water rescue training

Along with all of the in-house development training mentioned above, courses are also delivered throughout the year from outside agencies such as utility companies, equipment vendors, Department of Fire Services, etc.  The department training program also focuses on the changing needs and responsibilities of the department.  Over the course of time the responsibilities placed on local fire departments have continually changed with the recognition of hazardous material responses, technical rescue incidents, and unfortunately acts of terrorism.  

As previously mentioned we take pride in our ability to respond to any emergency that we may be faced with.  We will continue to train and prepare as the needs of today‚Äôs fire service grow.  This training and preparation will help us provide the services that the Town of Randolph deserves.